Wes McClure

Dean of Students
Joined SBA staff in 2014

My favorite character in the Bible is:

Joseph - his story is a testimony to God's faithfulness

My life verse is:

Titus 2:7-8

Nobody knows that I:

Am the world's worst chess player

I'm happiest when:

I’m with my family

On my iPod:  

Sermons and old theology audio books

The one book (besides the Bible) I would recommend to anyone is:

Knowing God  by J.I. Packer

The team I root for the most is:  

​University of Georgia Bulldogs or Borussia Dortmund (a professional soccer team from Germany)

My favorite food is:

Meat, potatoes, gravy

If I could I would:

Travel western Europe and the Pacific studying WWII history

My favorite vacation spot is:

Leavenworth, Washington

In my free time I:

Watch movies, read and hang out with my family

My favorite TV show is:

The Amazing Race

You might be surprised to know that I:

Built school buses in a factory one summer during college

Books or Nooks?

Books (Nooks don't have that great smell)

Web sites, newspapers, or TV news? 

Yes, please.

Nothing irritates me more than:

Someone who won't try.

If I could invite three people, living or dead, to dinner they would be: 

Martin Luther, John Calvin, the Apostle Paul

I could easily spend $1,000:  

On books and movies

Other jobs I had before SBA include:

District Manager for the nation’s largest distributor of pre-recorded music and videos, Headmaster & Dean of Students at a boarding school, admissions counselor at a boarding school, groundskeeper on a golf course, various retail management positions 

My perfect day would be:

Sleep late, spend some time with my family doing whatever they wanted, have a great meal, and finish the night watching a movie together listening to my sons laugh

If I could do it all over again I would:  

Do it all over again (I believe in providence)

My proudest moment is:  

The birth of my children

I would love to visit:

France and Germany

If a movie were made about my life I would want this actor to play me: 

Brad Pitt – he has a decent southern accent and you should always be played by someone better looking than you actually are.