What does the tuition include?

Tuition for drive-in students includes classes and textbooks as well as the noon meal on school days. For boarding students, tuition also includes room and board (all meals).

Are there any fees in addition to tuition?

There is a $50 application fee at the time of initial application. There is also a $50 room deposit for boarding students at the time of entrance to SBA. This is refundable when the student leaves SBA provided there is no damage to the dorm room. There is an annual enrollment fee of $100 per student (K-6) or $150 per student (7-12).

There is a sports fee of $100 for football and $35 for all other sports.

The only other fees are for personal projects in woodworking classes.

Is there financial assistance available?

The actual cost of educating students at Sunshine Bible Academy is twice the cost of tuition. Since its founding, SBA has made it a point to keep tuition as affordable as possible so that cost will never be a reason for a family not to enroll their student at SBA. Thus, through the generosity of supporters of the SBA general fund and those who partner with us through the SBA Livestock Program, each and every family with students at SBA already receive some financial assistance.

There is additional financial assistance available for families who qualify. This is needs-based and requires an application. SBA utilizes the Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) program through Independent School Management. FAST will provide SBA with need-based financial aid analysis service, which ensures that our process for establishing financial need adheres to nationally established standards of best practice. All information from FAST is kept confidential, as is all information pertaining to a family's financial aid request. 
Are there any tuition discounts?

SBA offers reduced tuition for second and third children from the same family. Any children beyond three will be at the third student rate. There are also discounts for children of individuals in full-time Christian ministry.

What is the difference between five-day and seven-day boarding?

Five-day boarding students go home most weekends. Generally these students will arrive at SBA Sunday evening or Monday morning and go home after school on Friday. Seven-day boarding students remain at SBA most weekends.

Students who are consistently on campus two or more weekends a month will be charged the seven day boarding price. The international student rate does not change.

Five-day boarding students who remain at SBA on weekends for school activities will not incur any additional charge.