Sunshine Bible Academy Foundation

SBA Foundation Mission Statement ...

The sole purpose of the SBA Foundation, Inc., is to manage and help create perpetual funding for the support and operation Sunshine Bible Academy.

SBA Foundation Vision Statement ... 

1. To educate investors about the value of Christian education and the importance of maintaining Christian education.

2. To be self-supporting entity that provides funding to Sunshine Bible Academy that will allow it to grow, develop and continue to train Christian leaders.

3. To provide an investment vehicle for supporters of Christian education to invest a gift or asset in such a way that sustains the principal, allowing only the interest and gains from the principal to be used for the needs of Sunshine Bible Academy.

Sunshine Bible Academy Foundation, Inc., was established in January 2005 and is growing at an exciting pace. The Foundation can accept a variety of investments, gifts or property, including:

  • cash                               
  • stocks
  • bonds
  • real estate                   
  • personal property (art, antiques, etc.)
  • life insurance             
  • charitable gift annuities
  • bequests and estates 

The Stewardship Program includes both agricultural and non-agricultural operations that provide for the care and expenses for livestock, crops or other tangible assets. Where livestock producers are involved, the SBA Foundation typically purchases the livestock and maintains replacements. Quality livestock or funds for the purchase of quality livestock can and have been donated. Proceeds from the sale of livestock, grains or other tangible assets go to the Foundation for the support of Sunshine Bible Academy. Dan Todd, Livestock Program Director, can be contacted for additional information about participating in the livestock program at 605.280.9214 or

The future of our country and its values depends on the education we give our children. For more information about the SBA Foundation contact David Paul, Foundation Chairman 605.748.2481.

To donate to the SBA Foundation you can click on Donate to SBA in the sidebar and follow the instructions.

SBA Foundation Board of Directors

David Paul - Chair

Mark Foster - Treasurer

Dan Todd - Secretary

Brad Ufen

Kelly Hettich

Ed Eller

Mark Stiegelmeier