Parents Bulletin Board


September 17, 2019

Fine Arts:
 Anchor: Choir
Morning Chapel:
Tech crew:  Sydney (PP), Jade (S)
PEP BAND:  Move equipment after school.  Check in at 6:30.
4:30-6:30 Sports Practice
5:00 VB “C game” vs. Crow Creek (JV begins @ 6:00)
Happy Birthday Ruthe Lopez!
Spiritual Life Emphasis Week – Class Schedule today:  AM Chapel, 6,1,Anchor, 2,3
Anyone with a gratis using brooms or mops:  All Mops & Brooms must be hung up; none of them can be on the floor.  It is a Fire Safety Hazard to have them on the floor. 
FOUND:  A ring was found in the girl’s locker room.   If you think it may be yours, please talk to Mrs. Koth.
Those of you going to the Lion King in May:  All of you planning on going received notes in your locker with information.  If you were planning on going and did not get a note, talk to Mr. Waller ASAP.
Juniors:  Check out the bulletin board for your work times at the game.  Contact Everett or Mrs. Seaman before game time if an emergency comes up.
 HOMECOMING DRESS UP DAYS: Stay in Bed Monday; Home of the Brave Tuesday; Way Back Wednesday; Switch ‘em Change ‘em Thursday; ‘Sader Spirit Friday
Please pray for:
Owan Watson, Tony Campbell, Taylor Nelson, EJ Big Eagle, Payton Fox


Monday ~Hot Ham & Cheese Sandwich
Tuesday ~ Chicken & Gravy with Rice
Wednesday ~ Pizza
Thursday ~ Enchiladas
Friday ~ Brats


United Blood Services

SBA participates in blood drives  twice a year (schedule permitting).  Students 16 yrs old may donate with parental permission.  The form below needs to be signed and sent back to the school if you want your student to donate blood.

Minor Donor Permit

The forms below are required for enrollment and re-enrollment.

Enrollment Agreement 
           Permission Form

Medical Care Form          
Insurance Waiver Form