Parents Bulletin Board


December 12,  2019
Fine Arts:
Anchor: Band
4:30-6:30 One Act Practice – Run through
7:15 Dress Rehearsal
4:15-5:30 BBB Practice – East Gym
4:30-6:30 – WR Practice
5:15-6:30 – GBB Practice – East Gym
High School Students:  If you want to make any changes to your class schedule for second semester please talk to Mr. Watson before Christmas break.
Tired Treasures:  If you are interested in anything from Tired Treasures, please make sure to get it out before Friday.  We want to get that area cleaned up as soon as possible!  Thanks so much! ~ Mrs. Seaman
Please pray for:
Madie Koth, Sydney Triebwasser, Bradley Hunter, Jade Burma, Mr. & Mrs. Lucas Hall 


Monday ~ Knoephla Soup
Tuesday ~ Chicken Gravy on Rice
Wednesday ~Tacos
Thursday ~ Salisbury Steak
Friday ~ Lasagna


United Blood Services

SBA participates in blood drives  twice a year (schedule permitting).  Students 16 yrs old may donate with parental permission.  The form below needs to be signed and sent back to the school if you want your student to donate blood.

Minor Donor Permit

The forms below are required for enrollment and re-enrollment.

Enrollment Agreement 
           Permission Form

Medical Care Form          
Insurance Waiver Form