Kevin Waller

K-12 Music Teacher    
Joined SBA staff in 2010
Co-leads SBA Ministry Team

My favorite character in the Bible is:

Paul: It’s amazing how God can transform a person’s life

My life verse is:

Ephesians 4:11-13

I am happiest when:

Certain times when I am working with music praising God

On my iPod:

Lots of concert band music

The team I root for the most is:

Minnesota Vikings

My favorite food is:


If I could I would:

Play in a concert band more often (on any instrument!)

My favorite vacation spot is:

Vacation? What's that??

In my free time I:

Enjoy reading

My favorite TV show is:

Stargate SG1

You might be surprised to know that I:

Have visited thirteen different countries on three continents

Books or Nooks?


Web sites, newspapers, or TV news?

Newspapers; I love the feeling of having a newspaper in my hands

Nothing irritates me more than:

Having to remind people to do tasks they should already be doing

If I could invite three people, living or dead, to dinner they would be: 

Jesus, J.S. Bach, Martin Luther

I could easily spend $1,000:

On sheet music for me to play and enjoy

Other jobs I had before SBA include:

Newspaper reporter, International Music Camp employee (counselor, concessionist, and kitchen assistant), Wartburg College music department employee, 5-12 band teacher at Miller

My proudest moment is:

Being asked to be a guest Chapel speaker at my college after graduating

I would love to visit: