Greg Pedersen

Joined SBA staff in 1983
Athletic Director, Math and Science Teacher

Cross Country and Girls' Track coach

My favorite character in the Bible is:


My life verse is:

Philippians 3:14

On my iPod:


The one book (besides the Bible) I would recommend to anyone is:

Be Real  by Warren Wiersbe

The team I root for most is:

The Minnesota Twins

My favorite food is:

Prime rib or Sour Cream Peach pie

My favorite vacation spot is:

Black Hills

In my free time I:


My favorite TV show is:


You might be surprised to know that I:

Played two years of college tennis

Books or Nooks:


If I could do it all over again I would:

Have pursued a Master's degree directly after my Bachelor's degree

My proudest moment is:

Walking my daughter down the aisle at her wedding

I would love to visit:


If a movie were made about my life I would want this actor to play me:

Gene Hackman