Share Your Harvest With a Gift of Grain

Did you know that a charitable gift of grain to Sunshine Bible Academy is a timely tax-wise option?

When you transfer legal ownership of a commodity from the previous year to an orgainzation such as Sunshine Bible a significant tax savings can be achieved. You avoid having to include the commodity in your income, thus reducing your income taxes.  In addition, you may deduct the production costs, which result in saving self-employment tax, state income tax and federal income tax.

Complete Your Gift in 5 Simple Steps

1. Inform SBA that you intend to make a gift of grain and we'll provide you with a pledge form.

2. Indicate on your form the quantity and type of grain being contributed and return the form to us.

3. Deliver your grain to your local elevator or co-op.

4. Request that a storage receipt be issued in the name of Sunshine Bible
 Academy and that the contract to sell the grain be sent to us for signature.

5. The check for the sale of the grain will be issued directly to us.
Consult your tax or legal professional prior to making your gift to determine the most effective way to manage your taxes and support Sunshine Bible Academy.

Contact SBA Business Manager Craig Brockel with any questions.  You can call him at 605.853.3071, or reach him by e-mail  here.