Frequently Asked Questions

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    Is SBA affiliated with a particular church or denomination?
    No. SBA is a non-denominational, evangelical school. Our school board, faculty/staff and students represent a variety of denominational backgrounds but all board members, faculty/staff, students and parents are expected to be in agreement with the SBA Doctrinal Statement.
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    Are there chapel services?
    Yes, chapel is held each Wednesday evening at 7:45 p.m. Each SBA senior presents a "Senior Chapel" sometime during the year. During other chapels the message is usually delivered by members of the SBA faculty. Parents and visitors are welcome to attend any chapel service.
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    Is Sunshine Bible Academy accredited?
    Yes, Sunshine Bible Academy is accredited by the South Dakota Department of Education and by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).
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    How does SBA communicate with families?
    Daily and weekly announcements are posted on the school web site each day. Parents can access their student's academic progress, including grades, missing assignments, etc. through the I Now site. A monthly e-mail from the administration is sent to all parents, as well.
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    How much is tuition?
    Tuition varies based on the age of the student and whether or not he or she is a boarding student or a drive-student. Complete tuition information is available here: Tuition.
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    Are AP courses available?
    SBA does not offer AP courses. However, we have partnered with Central Christian College of Kansas to offer a number of dual enrollment courses for juniors and seniors.
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    What are class sizes?
    Elementary students are in combined-grade classrooms that average 9 students per class. Junior high students may be in combined-grade classrooms, and average 8 students per class. High school classes average 20 students per class.
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    What kind of guidance is available to help students prepare for life after high school?
    There are several faculty members who meet with students to ensure they are staying on track for graduation, begin developing a plan for after high school, complete necessary tests and applications, and explore educational and career opportunities.
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