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Spiritual Life
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Spiritual growth is an important part of life at Sunshine Bible Academy.  Devotions are held in the dorms each evening, there is a Wednesday evening chapel service, all boarding students are part of fellowship groups that meet in staff homes each month, and each class is taught from a biblical worldview.

There are also opportunities for small group Bible studies and student-led worship services.


Chapel services are held each Wednesday evening.  These chapel services are a very special time at SBA.  The worship team--made up of SBA students--leads a time of singing praises and worship to the Lord.  Chapel messages are delivered by a member of the SBA staff or special speakers, except when there are Senior Chapels...


Each SBA senior prepares and leads one chapel service during his or her senior year.  Some seniors do an entire service, some seniors pair up and share a service.  Senior chapels are among the most encouraging and rewarding times of the entire year for everyone at SBA.  Seniors share a message that the Lord has laid on their heart--usually from a favorite Bible passage or about a specific lesson that the Lord has taught them during their time at SBA.  Mr. Hofman, SBA Chaplain, guides the seniors through their chapel planning.  At the end of the service, seniors share a PowerPoint presentation that always generates an entire spectrum of emotions, from laughter to tears.  These presentations usually include baby pictures and other snapshots from the growing up years, include tributes to influential family members, and highlight special friends and events from the senior's years at SBA.


SBA utilizes a "rotating seven" class schedule for the high school, meaning that students do not have the same class for first period each day.  Whatever class starts the day on Monday, however, will include a brief time of devotions, usually led by the classroom teacher.  There is also a time of sharing praises and requests and then prayer.


Tuesday through Friday all students in grades 7-12 meet for a morning assembly at 8:55. This includes pledges, morning announcements and a time of devotions. Faculty members rotate, leading devotions for a week at a time.


Devotions are held in the dorms each evening. The dorm supervisors typically lead the devotions most evenings, though one night per week is usually reserved for "senior devos" when students break into small groups led by an SBA senior.


There are various opportunities for small group devotions throughout the year, as well.  Examples of studies include...


Each SBA boarding student, as well as staff students in grades 8-12, is part of a fellowship group led by a staff couple or two single SBA staff members.  Ideally these groups meet once a month in the homes of staff members, for a meal and some fun.  These are special times of relationship building between the students and between students and staff, and provide opportunities for spiritual growth as well.  Some fellowship groups meet additional times throughout the year, too, for movie nights, Christmas parties, etc. 


*  Weekly devotions for junior and senior guys, led by SBA school board member Mr. Ken Shay

*  Weekly small-group devotions for girls by class.