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Fine Arts:
Music make-ups (as needed) will be after school Wednesday: there is a signup sheet by the white board--please put your name and which class (band or choir) that you’d like to make up.

If you would like to see your final—Mr. Waller will have them available at Graduation.
Track practice: 3:00—Track will depart tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. for Gettysburg

Reminder: Students are required to attend Baccalaureate and Commencement this Sunday!

Breakfast will be served tomorrow morning from 7:00-7:15.

Please sign up by the end of today if you would like to order a copy of the Spring Concert or Graduation on DVD—signup sheet is posted by the Student bank in the cafeteria. Please pay Cheryl McClain for this order or any previous orders today, as well.

Everyone (except the graduates) will have a gratis assignment for Sunday—you will be contacted with your assignment.

Seniors-if you did not get your Matthew Commentary, please see Mr. Boersma or Mrs. Haun in the office to pick yours up before graduation.

Please withdraw all remaining money from the Student Bank by Wednesday afternoon—unless you are an international student.

FFA members-please sign the FFA plaque if you have not done so already. There are a few jobs left to complete on the swingset project-please see Mr. Boersma if you have any extra time this week. Thanks!

Students & Staff: We are scrubbing the computers clean starting Friday morning. Please get everything you need off the computers before you leave.

Please return the brown and the white laundry baskets.

Attention all dorm students: Please make sure you clean out your mailboxes BEFORE you leave. Any items left in mailboxes will be discarded at the end of the year. Also, if you have “borrowed” any kitchen items—bowls, glasses, silverware, plates, can openers—please return them to the kitchen.

There may be an opportunity to see a professional production of Wicked next school year on May 18 (the Friday after finals and before grad) in Omaha. Tickets will likely be between $40-$70. This is open to students, staff, family, etc., and you need to visit with Mr. Waller about it before graduation if we are going to get group rates (need at least 15) and a discounted price. If you have questions, talk to Mr. Waller.

Seniors ~ please let Mrs. Haun know which college you want your official transcript to be sent to after school is out.

Region 2B Track admission prices on Thursday, May 18th at Gettysburg will be Adults-$6 and Students-$4.

7-12 students: the end of the year checklist must be completed before you may check out and leave for the summer. Checklist sheets are on the counter in the office. Please pay close attention to the instructions and make sure that all items are completed accurately before graduation day. A fine of $50 will be assessed to any student who does not properly check-out before leaving campus.

All international students need to check with Mr. McClure to make sure their I-20 is signed before traveling home for the summer.

Please pray for:
Jade Burma, Faith Owens, Hannah VanHeuvelen, Thomas Deressa, Jake Yang, Mr/Mrs Lucas Hall

Monday-- Tacos
Tuesday-- Swiss Steak
Wednesday-- Pizza
Thursday-- (No School)
Friday-- (No School)